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Well thanks, world (TV and RL stuff)

I was having kind of a down night, so I decided to watch one more episode of Stargate: Atlantis before bed. I've been rewatching the series and really enjoying it. I'm nearing the end of season three. I did watch the series long ago, back when it first aired, but I've forgotten so much it's like watching it new again. Thus I had no idea a major character death was happening this season, that it was due to happen in the ep I watched tonight.

It's funny how we don't expect major characters to be killed off, especially in older stories. It came as a complete surprise, a shock, to me. While it was a great story and a great episode, I sure do wish it had been one of the many light, humorous episodes instead.

Rewatching SG:A has helped me see why fans disliked Stargate: Universe so much. Talk about night and day. SG:U was dark and hopeless, while SG:A is generally light and funny and hopeful. I love SG:U to death, but I love SG:A as well -- you just can't compare the two.

And on the subject of TV, Hannibal continues to be the best thing out there. It blows Game of Thrones out of the water, along with everything else. The chemistry between the characters is so strong, they nearly spark when they're on screen together. And Friday's episode was as close to two men having sex on network TV as likely there will ever be. [Minor spoiler about how that happened.] Each man was sleeping with a woman, but they kept editing it as though the two were sleeping together, and in the end edited it like it was a threesome. So interestingly filmed!

Tomorrow is the second go at the sleep study. I'm dreading it so much, I think it's why I'm so down tonight. I don't want to deal with it. 2014 has been nonstop medical stuff and I just can't take it anymore. Can you believe there has been only one single week so far this year without some medical appointment in it? I'm just so deeply sick and tired of it all. The timing is bad for surgery, I know it will bring many, many more appointments into my life, but I don't want to put it off. I know it's a positive thing for a lot of people, something they're looking forward to, but I feel like I'm dragging my feet in an I don't wanna sort of way. (No date for it yet. I'm aiming for July.)

Oh, and lastly, I made a new tag. Book review, which will list every book review since 1999. You could also check the tags by year if you wanted to see a briefer range of them. Book review is mostly to give publishers who want to see my blog; I don't like showing them all the random stuff I post, and I don't expect they really care to see the non-book stuff. I used to give them the tag for a couple of the years, but I like having one tag for all reviews better.
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