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Pick a book!

If a bad book is really, really bad, sometimes it goes right around the bend to the point of being amusing. I think any of these six books would likely do that, but which one would be best/worst?

You pick the one I'll read!

I'm in the middle of one book now, and the next book has to be one I already agreed to review, so whichever one wins this poll will be the next one read after that.

Which book should I read?

An Owl Surfaces
Seduced by Werebees / Taken by the Swarm
Her Tom, Her Lover
Someone to Cuttle
Tortoise Interruptus
Educating the Platypus

Seduced by Werebees-- oh, per Amazon that title should be "Taken by Swarm - Seduced by WEREBEES", hahah that makes it better/worse. The idea of werebees, let alone werebees seducing someone, tickles me endlessly.

Someone to Cuttle made me snicker out loud though.

Her Tom, Her Lover has such potential for being amusingly bad. (But heck, which of these doesn't?)

Owl, tortoise, and platypus (were-owl, were-tortoise, and were-platypus?) as main characters in a romance book... I have no idea.

Use your power wisely, everyone. The book you pick might just be the one to finally break my brain.
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