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So it turns out animal-shifter romance novels are a thing!

So it turns out there's a whole genre of this random animal-shifter romance novel thing! And they all look so amusingly bad!

Educating the Platypus is book #17 of a series!

There are books like Compromises for His Moose with a description of: When Adam Kingston decides to enjoy a cat nap in tiger form, he never thought he’d be woken by the cries of young moose shifters, nor did he expect to need to save them from a douchy wolf shifter and his buddies.

Mutegi's Sweet One: Warthog shifter (how romantic?).

Accepting His Animal: An elephant shifter finds his mate: A tiger shifter.

Texas Longhorn Surprise: The surprise is that he's a Texas longhorn bull shifter.

Spider Sense: No surprise, the main character is a spider shifter.

In the Eyes of Crazy: Hyena shifters.

Hope for a Buffalo: The haunting eyes in the picture capture Caleb Belikov’s attention, and he knows he has to confirm whether the white buffalo is really just an animal, or a shifter trapped at a zoo near Albuquerque. Caleb talks his alpha and a few friends into accompanying him and discovers not only is the buffalo a shifter, but he’s his mate.

The Platypus author wrote another series which is described as "a motorcycle gang made up of different types of gay shapeshifters trying to find their mates".

I might just spend the rest of the year reading these books. I hope they're as amusing as they seem.
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