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Status Report! (Sick, AC, In&Out)

I'm feeling mostly better, and so I came to work today. Stomach is still a little icky, and I still have pains now and then, but my guilt at staying home even one day was more powerful, so here I am.

Oh so happily, besides giving me time to recover and sleep a little extra, taking yesterday as a sick day seems to have reduced my stress level to zero. It feels so good not to feel so, uh, bad!

It's amazing how once Animal Crossing stopped being something I *had* to do that I started liking it again. There may be little to no challenge left in it, but the bright colors, simple graphics, and chipper music are so relaxing and de-stressing! My poor house is full of cockroaches and I have a ton of weeds to pull up, but I made headway into both yesterday. I also finally found a spider! I'm amazed I did, it was really hard to see even once I saw it. Found the other bugs/fish new for May, too. Go me!

I didn't get much else done yesterday, other than a little site work for the MUSH. I napped for an hour, read a ton of RP logs, and mostly just stared at the TV and wished for my stomach to settle. Hopefully this weekend I'll get more done.

Do you like In and Out? And are you hungry? Really, really hungry?
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