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Unnecessary Complications

I left my apartment to go to work this morning, and noticed the registration on my car had expired. (In California, you get stickers with the month/year that you have to put onto your license plate, so it's very easy for you (or the police) to see if it's expired.)

I know I paid for the registration (because I was happy at the thought of never again needing a smog test since my car is a hybrid), so why didn't I get new stickers?

While collecting information so I could talk to the DMV, I discovered my car insurance paper said my insurance expired back in 2013.


All this was caused because I moved and failed to update my address with these two groups. As I had to update my address in 32478234738341923401278 different places, I'm not kicking myself that I forgot two.

The insurance was easy to solve -- just log into the company's website and print a new ID card.

The car registration, not so easy.

Step one: Try to change my address on the DMV website. No-go. For some reason, it thinks my car isn't owned by me. (I paid for it in full when I got it, so there wasn't even a loan that could be causing that confusion.)
Step two: Call the DMV. They have a handy thing where you can leave your number and they'll hold your place in the queue and call you when it's your turn to talk to someone. Worked well!
Step three: I have to go in to the DMV office or supposedly I can get this done at AAA since I'm a member there.

I'm going to head to AAA after work and see if that works out. I'm so paranoid now, since the fact that it expired is right there on the back of my car for anyone (POLICE) to see.

Hopefully it will go fast and smoothly. This isn't how I had wanted to spend my Friday evening.
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