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Four things make a (quickie) post

It's only a three day weekend, so how I ruined my sleep schedule already is beyond me. It's an hour after bedtime, but since I'm wide awake, I might as well post.

1) My issues with the Kindle are definitely my eyes. Tonight I had my glasses on instead of my contacts. They're weaker, so a lot worse for distance stuff, but for reading? Wow! The text was so sharp and nice against the white background! The size that's too small for me in my contacts was fine for me in my glasses, so I had a nice amount of text per page and everything was perfect.

2) I actually enjoy the "ads" (offers) Amazon displays on the Kindle. One-day Amazon sales, book discounts, all sorts of things. Sometimes I close and open the cover again just so I can see a new one! (Disclaimer: I also let Amazon email me all sorts of sale/specials emails, so I already liked seeing the offers before getting the Kindle.)

3) I'm so very happy with online/FFXIV things right now! I've gotten more RP this weekend than I had in the last month, and there are great people to chat with, and we even do "silly RP" (semi-IC but not really) which had me laughing all night tonight. I sure did get lucky to find this group. :D

4) What in the world took me so long before I gave Community a try? I love the show so much! It's not just the funniest show I ever saw (I mean that literally! I get multiple honest, loud laughs each episode, and I don't usually find much on TV funny), I like the characters so much. Even the minor ones are great! Well, except one guest star -- there's only one episode I didn't like, the one with Jack Black. I don't know what it is about him, but I HATE that man. I hate how he looks, I hate how he acts, I hate the character he played, I hate the sound of his voice. I usually avoid spoilers, but I had to pause that ep to look it up and make sure he was just a guest star and not becoming a regular. I think the paintball ep was my favorite so far (I just finished season one tonight).

Tomorrow is a holiday here in the US. I'm not sure what I will do, though I should go grocery shopping. It'll likely be mobbed though, so we'll see.

I'm really behind on reading my current book. I expected to be done with it today or tomorrow, but with the Kindle/eye issues I haven't been reading much at all.

...Okay, apparently this wasn't too quick of a post.
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