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More must-read books!

I need more time to read. I need to just quit my job so I can do nothing but read and review horrible great books. This series is called Dinosaur Beast Erotica. Women having sex with dinosaurs, I guess.

Those are only four of many, many of them. Complete list here. Don't miss the little arrow at the bottom of the page. This woman has written 21 pages of books about this stuff.

I was going to check out Educating the Platypus next, but now I want to read one of these dinosaur ones.

Edit: I decided on Taken by the Pterodactyl because it had the funniest reviews, but it's like that WEREBEE one -- $3 for a 17 page "book". That's just so wrong, especially since that's going to be 17 pages of awful writing and bad sex. I'm curious though, and it could be funny...
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