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Book #23: A Boy and His Dragon

A Boy and His Dragon by R. Cooper/r_cooper
Rating: 5/loved (1-5/hated-loved)

I don't usually read books about supernatural stuff.
I don't usually read romance books.
I certainly don't usually read supernatural romance books (except that accidental one last year about the vampires named things like Phury, Zsadist, and Rhage).

I don't remember buying A Boy and His Dragon, but lately I've been on a kick reading things from the bottom of my To Read pile, so I picked this one out at random. Boy was it a lucky pick!

The story was more character-driven than action (perfect for me). There was a long buildup (about 75% of the book) before the two fell into bed together (again, perfect for me). The best part though was the characters. One was just a normal human guy, parents dead, he and his sister trying to make it living on their own. The other was a dragon.

The book's world was populated with Beings (supernatural beings). Werewolves, fairies, dragons, etc. Dragons can shapeshift into human form. Nowadays they live among people in houses, interact with them, etc.

The dragon main character was a writer in need of an assistant. The human main character needed a job. A third party suggested one to the other, and the two of them hit it off from the start (understatement!). So the first three-quarters of the book was them getting to know each other and making lusty-eyes across the room at each other, but dragon/human relationships aren't as simple as human/human ones, so there was a lot for the characters to work through before the relationship came to a climax. So to speak.

The best part about the book was that even when in human shape, the dragon was not a person. He was still a dragon. There was a line in the beginning of the book that I wish I had highlighted. Something like "Beings speak the same language as people, but it's still like they're speaking a totally different tongue" -- Beings and humans are so different that even with a common language, communication is hard.

Unfortunately I finished the last 25% of the book while waiting at the car dealership. Nothing like reading hot sex with people sitting next to you, walking behind you, etc. And the sex was really, really hot, mostly because it was so realistically written. It's sad that realistic sex is so rare, but it was really, really well done in Boy and his Dragon.

Now that I have this review written, I realized I made an initial error. I called (or implied) this was a romance book. It's not, really. It contains romance, it's a story about love, but I wouldn't call it a romance book. I would call it a very good book. :)

Edit: Looking at the cover, which I hadn't really done yet since I read in ebook format, it really does look like a romance novel. I can't say I like the cover, but don't judge the book by it! It's a really, really good story. I enjoyed it a heck of a lot. Edit 2: Amazon had their 'join the romance book of the month' ad on the page for this, so maybe it is a romance. Who knows! Whatever it is, it's a good read.
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