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Support Reading Rainbow!

While I'm not enamored with Kickstarter, when I saw this one, I had to back it.

Bring Reading Rainbow back for kids everywhere, and free for kids in need!

While watching the video, I was keeping an eye on supporters, and decided to pause it to try to be the 50,000th person backing it. So close!

pledged of $1,000,000 goal

I did the $35 level because I love fridge magnets. I really, really hope it's a Reading Rainbow one and not a generic Kickstarter one. It didn't ask me which I wanted (bumper sticker and the magnet were choices at $35), so I hope there's an email later.

I've always loved Reading Rainbow. I'm very glad that kids will be able to experience it as well. Hopefully it will spark the love for reading in some of them. :)

I know they've met blown their goal out of the water, but I'm sure that money donated will still be put to good use.

I'm SO going to get the 2015 Reading Rainbow calendar! (Edit: Oops, drat, the calendar is a Kickstarter exclusive. Donating $175 to get it is a little rich for my blood.)
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