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This post is only about FFXIV. If you don't play or don't care about game stuff, feel free to skip. :)

Arg! Flail! Arg! New content was released hours ago and I can't check it all out because I'm stuck at work arg!

Which is a totally silly reaction, I know. Lots of people work during these hours and the new stuff will still be there later but OTHER PEOPLE ARE PLAYING WITH THE NEW STUFF AND I CAN'T BECAUSE I'M AT WORK ARG

Yesterday was a big high and low for me in game. I "finished" the storyline quest. Half-hour cutscene, credits on screen, "last" dungeon, YAY! I cheered on /fc about being done, and people said I wasn't. I was confused at that. Then I noticed the quest-giver had a storyline ! over her head. Buh?

Turns out I finished the storyline for the initially released content. There have been two patch updates with tons more content since then.


If it were just quests, I could handle it. But the problem is, the FFXIV storyline sends you through each dungeon as well. I really, really, really hate dungeons. I mean like stress all week over doing it on the weekend level of hate.

That's really the only thing about FFXIV that I don't like, that it forces you to dungeon. Blah.

Other than that great disappointment, everything in-game is going really, really well. I'm so happy to have a game I love! I loved FFXI way back then, and while I enjoyed the RP in WoW, I never loved WoW for the game itself. (And the more that's now coming out from Blizzard about WoW, the even less I like it. "Story isn't important! Neither are anything but straight males!" They've all but outright said they don't want me around, so hey, I'll just happily stay on FFXIV.)

So all in all, everything's great in game. Even if I were to do nothing other than log in and stand around and chat, I love the beautiful settings and there are great people to talk to. :)

Now, if only I could go home and log in...

Edit: You know, I haven't gotten talking about it out of my system. Heh. I love that, like FFXI, FFXIV has such a strong, emotional storyline. The details of the plot blow me out of the water. The quality of the writing. Not to mention the voice acting and the HOURS of cutscenes! The music, of course. As a whole, the entire thing is just such an emotional blow to the chest. Again, like FFXI, it's the story that drives everything else.

And then there's the opening movie. I've watched this multiple times a day for weeks now, and I love it so much. On good (bad?) days, it makes me tear up. Everything in the plot ties into this, so many details from this video show up later (the broken staff! *sniffle*).

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