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Site rec: Humans of New York

When I read about this site elsewhere, I didn't think it'd work for me. I thought it'd be boring. Maybe I'd spend a moment looking at it and then move on with my life. Instead I've been reading it for an hour with no sign of slowing.

Humans of New York

A guy takes a photo of someone and asks them a simple question. What's the happiest you've ever been, what would you tell your younger self, what would you tell a large group of people, etc. Then he posts the photo and the answer or some other quote that came up while he was talking to them.

It's so very interesting getting a glimpse into all of these different lives! Some stories are happy, some are sad, but all are personal. It has almost an eavesdropping feel to it.

Some people are attractive, most are average, but everyone is interesting looking.

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