Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

I won't make the Quidditch team... (And links for slash writers and RPers)

Oh happy day, I did lots of work and wrote lots of stuff for the MUSH and did RL work, so I played some of the Harry Potter GC game! Woo. Today's school day: Flying lessons! Alas, I sucked some serious, serious ass. The controls needed a gentle hand, and whenever I missed a ring I needed to fly through, I tensed up and got wild with the joystick. Ah well, after twenty or so tries I finally got a C. Heh. I saved at that point. Eventually (maybe) I'll go back and improve it.

Before flying I found a mini-game where I could throw gnomes again! Yes, throwing gnomes is still (oddly) the most fun I've had in the game. I love zapping and stunning them, then grabbing them up and throwing them. Fun!


Oh, and I meant to link to this in the other post I made today. Check this out. Is that RL slash/TS or what? Man. It's sort of amazing and surprising to see someone living what I read, write, and (sometimes) RP about... I envy. :)

And this I meant to link to a while ago. I believe I found him off the friends list of satyr69 (from the link above). If you write/RP m/m and aren't male yourself, it's a great, great read. Gods, sometimes I want to be a guy so I can have sex with guys (eh, as a guy. You know what I mean.). Isn't there something really messed up about that?
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