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Pugs and p--... Wait, um, Dogs and d--... Work safe titles are hard! ('Hard', teehee.)

Three things make a post!

1) Game of Thrones, told with pugs:

The how they made it is a good watch, too.

2) By way of donnaimmaculata: Critique my dick pic. This is a more interesting site than it would sound on the surface, as the guy critiques the whole photo, not just the dangly bits. In his own words: "friendly reminder that i’m interested in the quality of the photograph rather than the dick itself." (Edit: I forgot to mark this as NWS, but I hope that would be kind of obvious. :) )

3) The scariest teddy bear ever. The animated toy sold for $712. It actually is pretty darned creepy (though not $712 creepy).

Linked because the sample image is somewhat disturbing.
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