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Bariatric surgery: update

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Progress continues at its glacial pace, though the end is finally drawing near.

The sleep study is finally done. A one day test, followed by a repeat of that one day test, followed by a five day test. This afternoon I have to go pick up my machine.

Though I wasn't supposed to make the next appointment until I had my machine "in hand", I figured I was close enough, so I called in to schedule the meeting with the surgeon during which (I assume) we'll be setting the date for it. He's been on vacation all of June, but luckily he had a slot open next week (on his first day back), so I snagged that. Unfortunately if he has flight troubles or something, it might have to be rescheduled (to August...).

As far as I know, there's only one other thing left to do in addition to that appointment: Another class (nutrition, this time).

I'm sure my weight is creeping back up (above what he wanted me to lose beforehand), but luckily it's not a set-in-stone thing like gonzostar experienced. He said it would be good/nice if I could lose weight, but not that if I didn't I couldn't have the surgery.

Because of a window I can't take time off of work, I'm hoping to get it mid-August. Monday the 18th is my choice. (Since you have to go without food for at least two days, I figured that might be easier to do over the weekend.)

I'm getting kind of nervous now. I've never been excited or happy about getting it done, instead more along the lines of resigned. I'm still annoyed at how long it has taken -- I decided to get it done in early December 2013! So I had to jump through hoops for eight months to get it. It really bugs me that I could have been losing weight for almost a whole year, but instead had to deal with all this time-wasting stuff (especially six months of seeing the nutritionist -- I don't think I got any benefit at all from that).

I'll be glad when it's finally behind me and I can get used to a new way of eating. On one hand, I'm sad about the food I won't be able to eat anymore, but on the other, I'm happy I won't be eating much at all.
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