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Brief PSA, RL

Hello to all the new people on my friends list! I added a dozen or so new people though the latest friending meme (still going on here if you're interested), and I'm looking forward to seeing you all on my friends list from now on!

Do you own a Kindle? If so, did you know that in addition to borrowing ebooks from Amazon for free, you can get one to keep forever for free each month? You only get to pick from four of them, but hey, a free book is a free book, right? Details here, if you're interested.

This coming week is going to be busy, mostly because the sleep study people are just so endlessly incompetent. I had an appointment last Thursday afternoon to go pick up the machine. Got there on time, they sat me in a room... then forgot about me. After 15 minutes I stuck my head out one of them actually said "Oops! I forgot you were in there!". So then the tech came in and starts explaining things to me. I looked down at the paper and noticed it had another patient's name on it. She apologized and went to get my paperwork, but returned empty handed. Turned out my machine was on backorder, it had been due to arrive at 10 AM but never did. My appointment was at 4:30. They didn't bother calling me to cancel.

So, in addition to seeing the surgeon on Wednesday, I have to go back on Monday for another appointment. Assuming the machine even gets there. Assuming they remember to call me and tell me if it does.

I did take Tuesday as a vacation day at work, because FFXIV is getting a new patch overnight Monday and I wanted the time to play with it. I wouldn't usually take time off for a game (that's a road I do not need to travel down), but this one time is an exception. We're getting personal housing, and there's nothing I like more than playing house in a video game, so I want to be online ASAP to fool around with it.
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