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Countdown Diet: Day One

My LJ isn't going to become all about all about dieting, promise!

Today was a good day food-wise, I think. I ate about 1,100 calories. I ended up going to Subway for lunch, but my sandwich (6 inch turkey with extra meat) came in at under 400 calories, so that's okay.

I had intended to go grocery shopping, but I had to pick up my CPAP machine (which is why I was an hour late for lunch and too hungry not to get food RIGHT NOW). I wanted to inhale that "sandwich" (six inches is so small, so sad), but I forced myself to make it last as long as I could. That seems to be a handy trick, making food last as long as you can.

Dinner was a 200 calorie frozen meal and later some (half-serving) almonds. My stomach is growling now, but soon I'll go to bed. I hate going to sleep hungry, but guess I'm going to get used to that.

CPAP machine cost me $100, which was a tenth of the price(!!). Unfortunately it comes with a modem which they use to track me for three months to make sure I'm "in compliance". Guess the insurance company wants to make sure I'm not going to just toss it into a corner? (Which I had been tempted to do, so valid concern.)

I did something potentially stupid this evening. I weighed myself. If my weight had gone up after such a hunger-filled day, I would have thrown myself out a window, so it was risky to check so soon. 24 hours into this, my scale claims I lost two pounds. I'm certain it's just water weight (fast food yesterday = lots of salt = lots of fluid retained, none today = losing that fluid), but it's still a relief that the number went down. (Edit: It's really killing me to do this. For years my doctor told me not to chase numbers on the scale, and now I'm doing exactly that.)

One last funny little thing: I saw a McDonald's commercial for some new burger. I was staring at it thinking about all the food I could have for the calories that are probably in that one sandwich. I do really, really miss french fries though. Sweet things? Meh. Bread? Yes please. Fries? GIMME NOW
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