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Another day, another two pounds lost. While I'm happy (so happy), I know it's not real weight loss (or at least not as much as the scale says). It has to be still mostly water weight. Though heck, I'm 100000% fine with all 10-15 pounds I need to lose being water weight!

I did something I never thought I'd ever do again: I bought rice cakes. I dieted endlessly as a kid and as a teen, and one of the things my mother always bought me was rice cakes. She told me they were good, but I hated them more than words can say. Today? I'm looking to get as much food I can for as few calories possible, so I bought some. While they're in no way, shape, or form good, they're only 35 calories for each one and can easily take the place of bread in a meal.

Very sadly, I had to throw out food from my freezer. It's stuff I'll never be able to eat again, and I needed to make room for low cal stuff. I hate wasting food, but if I break my diet for something, it won't be for frozen chicken nuggets, pressed chicken patties, and year-old frozen chicken wings. I didn't throw out the ice cream. Ironically I bought it for the first time in years last week, and never even had any before learning about the weight loss requirement. I'm probably going to bring it to work for others to eat, but at the moment I can't part with it. (And, while this is bad thinking, if this weight loss continues, I maybe could have one before giving the rest away.)

Once a month at work we get unlimited free donuts, bagels, and other baked goods. Totally unlimited, you could eat three dozen donuts if you wanted. It's a problem day for me, and it was today, so I had planned to work from home. That turned out for the best, because I woke up at 2:30 AM with the worst headache ever. I tried to sleep more (after ripping the CPAP mask off of my head), but it was pointless. I sat in the dark for a while, and eventually got up and googled. First night using the machine and worst headache in my life when I never usually get them couldn't be coincidence. Looks like maybe I had the straps too tight. Hopefully that's the case and I'll get no headache tonight.

I increased my calories a little today. (Turns out 1,100 was too low for my weight and goal.) I bought beef jerky after not liking it twice before, and I finally found a brand I actually liked. Slim Jim. (I've never had one of their sticks, and I never heard good things about them, so I was surprised I liked this jerky. Actual jerky, not the pressed meat stick things.) Jerky is high protein and low cal. I had a about a serving of it (hard to measure exactly), 90 calories. The only other snack I had today was six strawberries (So sweet and strawberry-y!). I might have more strawberries later tonight.

Last thing: I bought a rotisserie chicken since they were on sale today. Tomorrow or Sunday I'm going to make broth/stock with whatever remains at the time. It's been a long time since I last did that, and the broth would be a good snack. ("Snack".)

All in all, today was much better than yesterday. I wasn't OH MY GOD SO HUNGRY STARVING MUST HAVE FOOD NOW-level hungry. I did have cravings though, which are way more annoying than hunger.
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