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Game of Thrones made happy / diet

The last line was what sold this for me. The first bit is the slowest, the second one is a little meh, but I loved every one after those two. Getting ready for a wedding, quivering lip... Be sure to watch through the credits!

Game of Thrones Made Happy

In diet news, there's good and bad. Good and "bad", rather. Wednesday was the one week point, so I took my official weight then and wrote it on my tracking paper. 11 pounds lost. Yay! I needed to lose 10-15, so I'm really happy.

Yesterday was bad though. I snacked more than usual (four >100 calorie snacks instead of two), and then I had a really high calorie dinner. Damned personal pot pie, the box says it's two servings, but there's no way based on its size that it's anything but one person/personal. I hadn't intended to eat it all, but I ended up vacuuming it up. I was depressed all evening after that with typical stupid thoughts ("I went and ruined everything!"), but today I shook it off. Yesterday's total calories was higher than I was aiming for, but 1) this is the first time I slipped, 2) it was still lower than any pre-diet day's calorie count, 3) I've been so tight on calories, it's kind of not surprising I got to a Must Eat point. I also think I was dealing with cravings as much as real hunger. Plus it wasn't fast food or cookies or something, it was semi-reasonable food.

By no coincidence, yesterday was also the first day I didn't weigh myself. That's peachy keen fine though, as I really don't want to do it every day.

Adding tags to posts like this one always tickles me. I type 'die' to bring up diet, but the other thing it bring up is die die die.
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