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Kaiju: A Love Story

A kaiju is a Japanese monster. One was in Godzilla, they were the bad guys in Pacific Rim, etc.

Who knew they'd be the stars of erotic books, too? Welcome to #4 in a series of wacky erotic books: Japanese monsters.


Four more of them behind the cut. Mildly NWS (they're covers of books on Amazon, so can't be that bad NWS).

From Kaiju Seduction, which is the first of a multibook series:

Ro Talon is a Kaiju pilot. Along with her 250 foot tall kaiju, Zulla, they must work together to bring down rogue kaiju. Their abilities go beyond normal combat for they are trained to fight with a different set of weapons. They fight with the skills of seduction for no kaiju can resist their temptation.

That author also wrote a book titled Moo Girls, in which a girl named Mu loves a cow and wants to become one.

Man, what a dark path these books are. There's a whole woman-cow thing on Amazon. His Human Cow: A Human Dairy Cow Story, for example. You can pay $3 on Amazon or download countless stories for free in various places online.

I don't know whether to hate these "authors" for selling short, horribly written stories for $3 when you can find plenty online for free, or admire them for making money off stupid people.
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