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Three things make a post

- The Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa, did the Ice Bucket Challenge. Most of them are kind of boring, but unsurprisingly his rocks. Unfortunately I can't embed it, so you'll have to click here to see it. Mother of pearl! *fist shakes*

- We had a 6.1 earthquake last night. Unfortunately it was at 3:30 AM, so I couldn't enjoy it at all. (Though fewer people were hurt because it was the middle of the night, so yay for that.) I woke up thinking Ellie jumped up on the bed, but it was stronger than that and the shaking kept on going. Then I thought someone was kicking my bed, but by the time I was awake enough that I realized that was impossible (I live alone...), the earthquake was over.

- I watched Good Morning Vietnam yesterday. It was my favorite Robin Williams movie and I watched it near-daily in college, though hadn't seen it in the last twenty or so years. I had forgotten how serious parts of it were. There was lots of humor of course, but it was serious and sad as well. I was glad to have seen it again.

Ever since I was a young kid, I've been interested in the Vietnam War. I suspect it's because of some TV show (The A-Team?). Even now, while watching the movie, my interest in it rekindled. I wonder what about it catches my interest? I have less than zero interest in the Iraq war, but at least on the surface, the two are similar. Maybe it has to do with when I grew up. I see the Vietnam War as tragic, but the Iraq one as just something that makes me angry (started based on lies, Republicans wanted a war, etc). Young people are stupidly, wastefully being killed in both though.
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