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Surgery: Go! (Probably)

First, for anyone not interested in health/surgery stuff, have a cat!

Second, my insurance company finally approved covering the surgery, so it's (probably) a go. I was supposed to meet with the surgeon for my last appointment tomorrow, but since the insurance hadn't come through yet, they rescheduled it to next week. He asked me to lose 10-15 pounds, I lost (as of this weekend) 21, so I should be okay then... except it's right when my period is coming. If I somehow gain 11 pounds in a week, even if it's just water weight... I don't think I will, but ugh. Hell, I can offer to come in a week later have have my weight checked again. I don't think it's going to be an issue.

However, yet more hoops have been added. Let's update the list!

Six months of meeting with a nutritionist.
Two three-hour classes (the same exact class both times, the surgeon requires you go twice).
Two hour class at the hospital.
Two meetings with the surgeon (second one next week).
Yet another class! Taking time off from work next week. (The only time it's offered is 9:30 AM on a Tuesday...)
Lab work/EKG (was supposed to be done during the two hours at the hospital, but apparently my surgeon likes it done at his office instead).
Edit: Somehow I forgot the whole sleep study thing! Having to redo it twice, then another additional test... So much lost sleep.

I decided I wanted the surgery back in early December. I'll be getting it 9/15. Ten months of dealing with crap to finally be able to get it. I guess the good thing about all this (especially the insurance part), I haven't had the spare emotions to worry about the actual surgery itself. Heh.

(I keep forgetting to use this icon. I commissioned it for these posts!)
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