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Star Wars and sick kitties

diello wrote a post about never having seen Star Wars before, and her first time watching it. I've only seen it once, and I was so young and it was so long ago (its original release?) that I've as good as never seen it either. However, being part of the geek/nerd culture, of course I've picked up a ton about it.

I intended to rewatch it this weekend, but unfortunately it won't run smoothly with FFXIV running, so it's something of an issue. I watched the first 15 minutes or so. Initial impression:

1) Wow, Space Balls really hit it on the nose.
2) Why in the world do they wear such big helmets? It's so silly looking.
3) Why does Darth Vader wears a mask? Especially one that looks plastic? (The first part of that is likely answered somewhere in the series, I know.)

(Edit: Another 15 minutes tonight before bed, total of 30 minutes in. Can't say I like Luke much, dislike C-3P0 a lot. Love the settings, and the effects are quite amazing for a movie that's going on 40 years old.)

All in all, it looks quite watchable, based on that first bit. I'm going to try to get offline tomorrow enough to watch the rest of it. I'd hate to get my Geek Card taken away if there's ever a pop quiz on it...

Poor Ellie New Cat has ear infections. Both ears. She's been shaking her head for a while, and I finally got to look into one, and it was full of wet, brown gunk. I figured it was ear mites, so took her to the vet. Nope, infections in both ears.

Unfortunately the treatment for it is ear drops twice a day, and ear cleaning every other day, for 10 days. This is only day one, and she's so traumatized. Grabbing/carrying/holding her against her will sends her into such fear, it breaks my heart to have to do it. Even though this is only the first day, she's already running and hiding when I take the medicine out of the fridge.

This is going to be a long ten days for us...
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