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Cheerio! (Breakfast, arm cutting offing, HP100, and crock pot)

After eating oatmeal for breakfast for too long, I decided to try to bring in cold cereal this morning. I haven't had Cheerios since I was a kid (and I recall not much liking them), but they were good! And best of all, one cup of Cheerios equals a cup (one serving) of oatmeal when it comes to that good fiber (soluble? insoluble? whichever lowers cholesterol). Two cups of Cheerios makes a "bowlful", so between those two cups, and maybe having a packet of oatmeal later instead of some other snack, that'll finally be the amount one needs to actually lower cholesterol. Woo!

(I speak about this as if I knew I had some sort of problem with it. When last I had it checked (admittedly three years ago) my cholesterol was fine. However, my diet is crappy, so if I can do something simple like eating and have it lower it, I'm all for that!)


I like Lileks:

"10:24 AM Just called Ian's show. Question: if you were stuck at the top of a mountain, could you cut your arm off to survive? The real question, it seems to me, is the advisability of mountain climbing in the first place, and whether it has an advantage over, say, playing Asteroids at the arcade. Oh dear, my pants have caught on a sharp edge of the coin return. I shall have to saw my body off below the waist. "

Now yes, I understand mountains are pretty and fresh air is nice and all that, but boulders (or trees or bears) can fall on you even if you're being careful and experienced. And the idea of having to pick between cutting my own arm off and dying scares the poo out of me.


This week's HP100 challenge

The challenge: Pick a picture from a choice of six of them, and a) completely disregard what the original scene is showing and b) write a new one, in 100 words.

Title: Time to Awaken
Words: 100
Characters: Harry, Ron
Author's notes: (See after the story.)
Picture: D (this picture)

Turns out the book was correct. When Ron and Harry confronted the current DADA professor, he nodded and unwillingly explained the truth to them. Even after that talk, even after rereading that chapter of the dusty old text from the restricted section, the two of them could hardly believe it.

So now they stood, side by side, each holding one in their hand.

"Ready, Harry?" Ron asked.
No verbal reply, just a nod of his head.
"Without water okay?"
Again, only a nod.

It was time to find out the truth for themselves.

They swallowed the red pill and waited...

Crossovers are against the rules, so I was worried that this would be deleted, but it was vague enough to be okay. There's something about the story that I don't like, and I think I only just put my finger on it just now: Most people didn't get the red pill reference (Matrix) and so that means that the humor/twist at the end didn't work for them. Well, maybe the other thing I didn't really like is that I'm not a big Matrix fan or anything. I don't think I saw the movie all the way through, just watched bits and pieces here and there.

Ah well. I have an idea for another one, I just have to urge it out of my brain and into words.


Oh, one more thing. Crock pot. Despite my string of recent failures, I bought some chuck at the store last night (since it was on sale...) and so have pot roast cooking today. I used a different recipe, one with garlic, rosemary, and soy sauce. I didn't have any rosemary (there are too many damned herbs and spices in the world! How's one supposed to have them all!), so I just left that out. The garlic was smelling mighty strong, so I hope this will come out okay...

Oh, huh. I forgot to take the bay leaf out (put in before I decided to use the recipe). I hope that doesn't ruin the flavor or something...

(Chuck, bay leaf, one clove crushed/minced garlic, 1/3 c soy sauce, lots of water, salt, pepper. Potatoes and carrots cut up really small.)
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