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Can't go too long without a post

Been five days since my last post. While I've been reading my friends list, I haven't felt like posting. Lots of points in semi-random order:

* Less than five days until I go into the hospital. I've gained some weight back, but not too much. More than I'd like, but still within the range the surgeon wanted me to lose. I keep thinking "this will be the last time I can ever have..." and how can you resist eating whatever that is? I'm really depressed and down. I wish I were excited about this, but it's a "have to" not a "want to" situation. I don't want to fall over dead in the next few years, so... no choice.

* Part of my depressed issue is likely period-related. Where the hell is it?! It's now nine days late. (No chance of pregnancy.) If I get it when I go into the hospital, I'm going to be pissed. I don't want to have to deal with it then! Sigh. Damned body.

* I'm starting to have stress bad dreams. I expect them to only get worse the closer Monday gets.

* Work sucks. I'm taking three weeks off for this, but in our group there's no reduction of amount of work or deadlines because of vacation -- so I have the same work and the same deadlines, with three weeks less to do it in. Way to let us enjoy our vacations. Most people in my group work though theirs.

* I read a Harry Potter fanfic for the first time in years. In Loco Parentis by Dolores_Crane. I loved the first chapter of it, though the second and third less so. It's everything I usually wouldn't have liked, but it was so well written that it worked. Hermione POV. Hermione/Harry (though it's minor). Snape/Harry (mostly in the background). It was a more realistic look at muggles at Hogwarts. At the end it became a bit preachy for me, but all in all, I liked it a lot.

Boy do I miss Snape/Harry. I don't think I've had an OTP since then. I think Snarry was what sparked my enjoyment of age and power differences in fic relationships. There was so much good HP fanfic back when I was in the fandom. I should poke about and see if there's more good Snarry out there (or heck, reread the older good stuff, it's not going to be like I remember it).

* This is an odd time. Usually I'd be wishing for Friday to get here, especially when that Friday was the start of a three week vacation, but this time I'm wishing the week never ends. At least I got good RP tonight, probably the last of it until my mother flies home in two and a half weeks.

* I'm reading the best book, but it's so long, it's taking me forever to finish (yay!). 24 hours in and I'm only just over 50% done (it's 1,000+ pages long; for comparison, the first Game of Thrones book was 800). Usually a book takes me 10-12 hours to read. Stormlight Archive (Way of the King) by Brandon Sanderson. From his website: "I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words worth of worldbuilding for it". You can so tell he has all that worldbuilding done. It's amazing. And man, I'd kill to see all his notes about the world.
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