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Quickie post: gastric bypass tidbits

Tomorrow is my last day to eat, then I have to have nothing but clear liquids (broth, water, juice diluted with water 4:1), sugar free Jello, or sugar free ice pops for Saturday and Sunday (and nothing at all on Monday). I really, really hope Jello is filling.

One of the selling points of gastric bypass was that (supposedly) you weren't supposed to feel hunger for the first year. The nutritionist and someone else told me that. However, I spent today reading the blog of someone who documented the whole process from weeks ahead of surgery to months after, and she was hungry the day after surgery! Arg! I'm really disappointed. Blah.

Tomorrow I have a phone appointment with the hospital for a pre-check-in pre-check-in interview. Yes, two pre-check-in. Doing the interview so I can do the pre-check-in so I can do the admission paperwork. Whatever. As I have to be there by 5:30 AM on Monday, I'm fine with whatever we can do ahead of time.

Still having bad dreams (though not to the point of nightmares, thankfully, just stress/bad dreams) every night. But at least that means I'm sleeping, which is more than I suspected would happen.

My mother flies in on Saturday afternoon. She'll be staying with me for two weeks.

I really don't feel like I'm ready. I had so many (SO MANY) classes and stuff, but I feel like it's all out of my head. I spend hours reading and researching stuff (yay internet).

I'm a whole lot less depressed than I was earlier this week. I'm not happy or enthusiastic, but I don't feel like everything is hopeless and lost and I'll never enjoy anything again.

Final meal, unless I get some kind of craving tomorrow, will be Hawaiian Barbecue. Today I went to Burger King to have onion rings (I would have liked to have had better ones elsewhere, but BK's have the lowest calories by far, and I'm paranoid about gaining too much back.) I'm almost, almost, almost looking forward to fasting over the weekend. I'm so tired of thinking about final meals, "I'll never be able eat this again", etc. Plus I think, while not fun, it'll be kind of interesting to fast like that. (Can it be called fasting if you're having broth, Jello, etc?)
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