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Status update: Same

Rash update: Was covering 90% of my body, now closer to 98%. Only my toes and part of my face have no rash. Bright red, burning, ultra-itching rash. Burns, itches, keeps me from sleeping. Meds sometimes help a little, sometimes less. Talking to the doctor again on Monday. I've itched myself bloody in more than one spot, though I try not to itch at all.

I haven't had a protein shake in more than 48 hours, yet it's still spreading. Am I allergic to all whey protein? Is it somehow in my system still? No idea.

I haven't eaten anything other than sugar free stuff or protein drinks for more than nine days now. Have lost three pounds total. How depressing is that?

Other than the lack of weight loss, everything is perfectly fine about the surgery. Just over 12 hours after I had it, I had no pain. Everything's healed fine. If not for this damned rash, I'd have been able to go back to work anytime after it. With the rash, I can't even leave the house. It looks horribly contagious and scary.


Fun fact: I worked it out in my head today. I'd pay $5,000, maybe $10,000, to eat at Burger King (and not get sick). I didn't even like BK before this, but it's been so long since I've had even a bite of food, let alone something with salt or tasting good. First chance for real food will be Thursday evening after seeing surgeon (baby food or pureed stuff only). Three days after that, I can try something "solid" (very, very moist chicken, for example).

Edit: Please see next post for update!
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