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This was bound to happen...

I can eat the following things:

"Protein shake" (skim milk + protein powder* + artificial sweetener + [flavor] extract)
Sugar free pudding
Sugar free ice pops
Sugar free Jello

(*Plain, unflavored powder only, the packets of flavored stuff made me break out again)

I actually enjoyed pudding for a couple days, then didn't mind eating it, but now I can barely look at it. I'm so sick of the "shakes" that I can't even finish them when I make one (I have to drink two per day). I can't add anything to them (no fruit, peanut butter, whatever). I'm so hungry, but there's nothing I can have and want to have.

Six more days of this. The last time I had a bite of food was 9/13. 13 days since I had any food, six more to go. I'd say I don't know if I'm going to make it, but what choice do I have?

Shake = 200 calories, have two per day but never finish them, so not exactly sure how many calories I get per day. Usually my vacation days are punctuated by going out to lunch, but since depressingly I can't do that, I decided to walk at lunchtime instead. Doesn't work out overly well as I get really tired really fast (no surprise).

Still itchy all over, too. That makes it even more fun.

I watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 today. Was good, though I didn't love it. I combed through Netflix looking for something, anything, I'd like to watch, but came up with nothing. Need to re-cancel it soon.

So hungry. Darned allergy doctor. If not for the pill mess-up, I could be eating chicken, peanut butter, and lots of other things now. Six more days...

It struck me that I'm on the same fast as the Guantanamo Bay hunger strike people (they force a protein shake into them twice a day). I get pudding though, so hey, there's that...
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