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First "cheat" (sort of) and Avatar Season 3

For no real good reason at all (no major craving or hunger), I tried the next stage of food (pureed/babyfood) 24 hours early (or a week late, if not for the medicine mishap with the rash). I had a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese. This, if you're not familiar with it. 50 calories of the most delicious food I ever tasted. So salty and rich! (Yes, I didn't even use the light version, as I don't think the difference between 30 and 50 calories means much for me right now.)

It shouldn't surprise me, since it was the whole purpose of all this, but after eating that wedge I was stuffed. I should have eaten less than a whole one, though I didn't realize it until I was done. I remained stuffed for two hours after eating it. So odd (but good!).

While on one hand I'm not sure why it didn't count as a 'thick liquid' food (there was nothing at all to chew, it just melted in my mouth), it did feel different in my stomach. Sort of like when you eat something and it feels like you're stuffed with a lump of food. Not really a good feeling, even though it tasted amazing and I can't wait to eat more tomorrow.

I can't even put into words how good it tasted, so salty and rich. My first food in 18 days!

In non-food related news, I finished watching the third season of Avatar the Last Airbender (Korra version). hamsterwoman mentioned it, and we've been watching at roughly the same pace. Non-spoiler version of review: I liked it, but I didn't love it at all. If you have nothing better to do, it's worth watching. It's better than the previous two Korra seasons (hard not to be), but worse than any of the Aang seasons.

I just don't think the main plot worked. Four bad guys (who we never really got to know well enough) wanted to kill the avatar and all world leaders because disorder is the natural order of things. I just didn't buy it.

There were too many other things I didn't buy, too: How'd the airbending bad guy get so good at airbending? He discovered the ability while in prison and didn't have it for very long at all, yet he mastered it to the point where he was able to do something that only one airbender in history ever did (fly)?

I wish we had gotten to know the bad guys more, I think some of them could have been interesting (the lava/rock bender). Boom boom woman was so annoying, I hope they never bring another combustion bender back.

I wish the focus hadn't been on these special bendings so much. Lava, metal, combustion.

Good things: The music was as good as ever. The animation was generally really good. Many of the characters were adult, and the adult relationships (love/kissing) were shown.

Korra does nothing for me as a main character though. Old Zuko didn't work for me at all -- he seemed like a different character, and his dragon seemed more like a dumb animal than an intelligent creature.

Writing all that up, I guess I liked it less than I originally wrote. If it had been an original series, if I hadn't been comparing it to the Aang seasons, I probably might have liked it more.
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