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Look! Another update!

I'm going to start putting surgery updates behind a cut, to make them easier for people to skip if they're getting bored of reading about it.

Good news! Multiple good newses.

1) By their scales, I lose 7 pounds in a week. Why does it look different on my end? Maybe I missed recording a couple days/losses? Oh well, I'll take that!

2) I can not only start on the next stage of food (baby food/pureed foods) I only have to do it for three days! I thought it was two weeks! YAY! So counting yesterday, it's just today and tomorrow, then I can start normal (though very soft and moist) foods. YAY REAL FOOD SOON!

Today's new food was a tablespoon of scrambled egg with a little cheese in it. Yesterday's cheese sat in my stomach like a brick, but I think that felt better than whatever I'm feeling now. I'm not sure how to describe it. Uncomfortable and icky. I think I'll give it some time before I try egg again.

In other news, there's going to be a Tetris movie...

Link with info on it.

Who knew country music was big on, um, bestiality? C'mon, baby, let's Meow Mix it up tonight?
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