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Currently it seems that eating food is overrated

As of today, I'm okay to eat "normal" food. The rule is: it has to be very moist, but I don't need to puree the life out of it.

Problem is, basically anything I eat leaves me feeling uncomfortable for 3-4 hours after, and I'm generally not very hungry*, so it's hard to eat.

Lunch was a half of a tablespoon of pureed chicken. Dinner was two Ritz crackers (sadly stale). At this point in time, my meals are supposed to be about four tablespoons of food, so I'm kind of behind. (But I still drink my two protein shakes and take special vitamins, so I won't fall over dead from malnutrition.) I'm really not sure how I'm supposed to eat that "much", as one tablespoon makes me uncomfortable.

Meals, even when it's only a tablespoon, have to take 30 minutes to eat, and your bites have to be smaller than your pinky fingernail (assuming you don't keep your nails long). I usually have to reheat my food three times while I eat it, because there's such a small amount and it takes me so long.

I want to eat normal food so badly. A piece of chicken. A chicken nugget. PIZZA. A hamburger! But knowing it will just leave me feeling sick for hours (or worse) takes all the enjoyment out of it.

You don't think about it when you can eat, but eating really is fun. It's such an enjoyable event, I miss it so much.

My favorite meal is melted cheese. Don't ask me why non-melted cheese isn't okay, but the same cheese melted is. I melt it in a pan, and let the bottom get crispy (probably not what they intend), and it tastes like the edge of a grilled cheese sandwich.

*The exception to the general lack of raging hunger is when I smell something. Someone was grilling steak tonight, and it was all I could do to keep myself from pounding on their door and asking for some. Food smells AMAZING now. It literally makes my mouth water.

Oh well. One day I'll... well, never eat normal, but be closer to normal-ish.

In non-food news, I joined a forum RP group for the first time ever. I didn't think forum RP would be for me (I like real time RP so much), but forum RP is great because you can write as long of posts as you like. I've always had to hold myself back in RP, but now I can write and write and write. The (very big) downside is how long a post round takes. An exciting scene I'm in hasn't had a post from one person in more than 24 hours, so it stops the whole scene dead. Sigh! Still, as a supplement to "real" RP, I'm enjoying it a lot.
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