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Eating: Not so overrated afterall

It seems to always happen. When I'm at my lowest point and make a post about it, the next day everything turns around...

I had Plans for today. I had to go shopping for a couple things (groceries, more protein powder), so I decided I was going to go to El Pollo Loco to get a chicken breast at the same time. If you don't have them by you, El Pollo Loco is a healthy ... quick casual? fast food? place. All of their chicken is fire-grilled, you can see the giant grills where they cook dozens of chickens at a time. Though it's possible to order high calorie stuff, generally it's healthy food, especially if you take the skin off the chicken. You can order just one piece if you like, so it seemed perfect.

Grocery shopping is different now. If you're only going to eat 1-4 tablespoons of something, it changes your perspective on buying things. (Plus other strange restrictions, like I have to peel grapes if I want to eat them...) Anyway, by the time I was checking out, I realized I had enough perishable food that I couldn't eat all of it and a chicken breast before things went bad, so I'll go to El Pollo Loco another day.

One of the things I bought was chicken salad. True I could make it myself, but it looked good (mostly just big chunks of chicken), so I decided to get some. When I got home, I had some. My first time eating whole, non-blended-to-death food!

It was really good. I dished up about three tablespoons of it (hard to measure with big pieces of whole chicken) and had a couple blueberries and a strawberry for dessert. It's amazing how just eating food (not chicken mush, real food) makes you feel so much better. I'm looking forward to having more for dinner!

So, meal-wise, I'm now pretty darned happy. The one last bad thing (which will be a forever bad thing, not something I get over in time) is that you have to not drink 15 minutes before to an hour after you're done eating. I'm so used to drinking while I eat, and I'm thirsty when I'm done, it's a challenge not to have some water.

So, all in all, 100% better than yesterday!

I'm back to work tomorrow, after three weeks of vacation time, so that's going to be a big challenge. I'm going to take a protein shake with me (I bought a Thermos container just for it), but I'm not sure what I'll do for lunch. Take a little pre-packaged cheese, I think. Maybe more of this chicken salad in a little container.

And for your amusement, see Dolores Umbridge's first (and probably only) kiss, told through Legos:

What ever happened to my book reviews? I'm working on the second book in the Stormlight Archive series. Each one is longer than a GRRM or Stephen King book, so man, it's really slowed down the number of books I'm reading. I'm only about 10% into this second one. The third book is due out in spring of 2016, I'll probably be done with the second one by then. :P
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