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Hey! Someone's looking for you!

I'm a strange creature. I love looking at my web stats. I love seeing what people were searching for that brought them to my site. It seems my recs page draws in traffic intended for other folks:

Searches for people in the last month or two:
acamar shade more than man
shade more than man snape
harry potter and the daughter of malfoy by fyre
wear my face rusalka
acamar recs
acamar snape

Story/fic related
(Not counting boring 'harry snape fanfic recommendations' and 'snape fanfic' type searches.)
hermione/viktor fanfic (Yay!)
a night to remember snape slash stories
harry potter snape slash threesome (Harry, Potter, Snape threesome? Uh...)
marauders read harry potter (Now there's a story idea...)
the marauders read the hp books fanfics
hermione and mcgonagall sex stories (Gak! Choke! Arg!)
when does harry potter get his first kiss (Probably before the next search...)
harry potter male pregnancy

I hope they don't mean Thistle-
chaser porn pictures
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