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Four things make a post

1) Catchy, wacky Japanese song:

2) While poking through Netflix, I decided to check out Reign. I knew nothing about it, other than it was set in the past and people like it for the costumes. I've only seen one episode so far, but wow! I really enjoyed it! It doesn't seem to be something I'd usually like (romance, period stuff), but I liked the characters and... well, everyone was just so pretty. (Hi CW show.) The settings were beautiful, the costumes were beautiful, and the people were beautiful. The plot seems interesting, and I really did like the (beautiful) characters, too. Can't wait to watch more!

3) Just in time for Halloween. Chia Zombies! I'm kind of surprised they're still making Chias, I don't know anyone who has ever bought or owned one.

4) Someone turned If You Give A Mouse A Cookie into a horror movie. Short movie on Youtube. I was worried it was headed somewhere gory, but it turned out not. Warning for VERY loud song in the last 20 seconds or so.
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