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Well, apparently being nonstressed and not counting calories to the exact number isn't the way to go

Shoot me now, please. I stopped counting calories to the exact number, just kept a rough running tally in my head, and I gained weight this week. It wasn't a one-time odd day or something, my midweek spot check confirmed the same thing.

I do not understand how it is physically possible to gain weight with what I'm eating. This is my daily diet:

Breakfast: Cheese stick (the snack-for-kids kind) and 10 matchstick pretzels. (Total calories: 105)
Lunch: 2 Laughing Cow cheese wedges, 2 Ritz crackers. (Total calories: 125)
Dinner: Lately it's been one slice of sandwich meat, one slice of cheese, rolled up and tossed in the frying pan to melt. 1-2 of them. (~250 calories for 1.5)
Snack: Slice of turkey or half of an apple. x2 (~100 calories for both)

That's nearly 600 calories on the nose. How on earth is it possible to gain weight while eating like that? (My period ended last week, so it can't be related to that.)

This process is so disheartening. This is my last resort, it's succeed at this or die of being fat. It's bad enough to go weeks without losing anything, but I thought it would be impossible to gain...

Edit: Reminder: 600 calories/day is the surgeon's plan and what everyone eats in the first year post-surgery. It's not some wacky thing I'm trying on my own.
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