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Man accidentally boils a My Little Pony toy in his own semen

Remember years and years ago when I used to post odd, disturbing stuff? It's time for a flashback to those simpler days.

Based on my subject line, you're probably asking WTF is wrong with you, Thistle?! how does someone "accidentally" do that? Well today's your unlucky day! Just click the cut to find out!

So, for reasons I have no idea about, something called the "Pony Cum Jar Project" has been going on. Men put a My Little Pony into a jar, then fill it with come. I don't even know what part of that is the most disturbing.

The "accidentally" part comes because one of these men stored his jar too close to a heat source by mistake:

If you desire more information about this story (and who wouldn't?), you can find it here. Warning: There's some kind of automatic song that plays (I assume it's a MLP song.) Warning 2: There are more pictures there. It is, of course, NWS.
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