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Welcome to 2015

Happy New Year, everyone!

I spent this New Year's Eve as I often do: Asleep. I haven't had a desire to be awake at midnight in a long, long time. (I'm an early bird.)

2014 was a pretty darned sucky year. I spent the first couple weeks of it in the hospital with a bad infection, and was out of work/sick for about six weeks total. Health stuff just kept happening, not to mention every event required many, many follow-up appointments. Then surgery in September (which required so many months of medical jumping though hoops beforehand), I feel like the whole year was about being sick, hurt, and seeing doctors.

I have much higher hopes for 2015. Though that it's the first day of it and I'm fighting off some kind of cold isn't a good start, heh.

And in non-health news: Though age-wise I'm an adult, I so often don't feel it, especially when I have to do adult-ish things. I bought this print from a game I play, and I wanted to get it framed. Usually I just stick things up with tacks, but that's so college student, and the print was pretty expensive (especially with $15 shipping charge...) so I decided to shop for a frame. Apparently getting it framed can cost a couple hundred, so I was hoping to find a pre-made frame I could use. I went to a big fancy framing store, and luckily they had a bunch to choose from. I pretty much got one that was an exact match for what I wanted.

Then came the hard part: Getting the frame apart, and then back together again. Then the harder part: Hanging it! I knocked around on the wall until I found a stud, and had to move furniture and balance on a stepstool to get it high enough. The darned thing is pretty heavy, so I'm still a little worried about it, but it's stayed up for 24 hours, so that's probably a good sign.

I didn't notice it at first, but now part of that print is bugging me: The layers are wrong or something. His top arm should be behind the staff (topmost layer), so he's holding it. I checked the video for the shot this is based on, and yeah, it's a mistake on the artist's part. Blah. Now I can't stop seeing it. :/
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