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Random, hopefully amusing images & apples

Let's have a random image post! These used to be "random LJ images", but those sites are mostly gone nowadays, so they're just random images from around the net.

Linked for size: I do not think this police undercover bust will go as planned.

Warning on a cat's pill bottle, they may not drink or drive while taking it:

This is the inside of a gas station's store:

I'd have expected Texas more than Alabama...

And on apples, I eat a lot of them nowadays. Twice now, I've found the oddest, most disturbing thing. Two different apples had no seeds in them, but instead thick white thread-like things. The first time I encountered it, I thought the core was full of worms (and nearly threw up). The second time was no less gross. I had hoped to never encounter that again, and now every time I cut into one, I worry. Anyone know what in the world causes that? It's so very disgusting and disturbing.
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