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Do you own a Nook? And random life updates

Do you own a Nook? Do you want some amount of free credit for a Nook book? If so, leave your email address in a comment on this post. First person to comment gets it. I have no idea how much the credit is! It's from some court settlement, but I don't have a Nook, so I can't use it. I'll send the Credit Certificate Number and PIN to use it to the first person who wants it.


Random life updates:

- For all its downsides (which include a longer drive), my new workspace rocks for one reason: The desks raise or lower with the push of a button. I can work standing! Working standing up is really good for you, plus I suspect helps burn calories. I work for an hour to an hour and a half standing, then sit down a while, then stand again. Only downside is your monitor is so high, everyone can see it. No doing non-work stuff, ha.

- The heat in my apartment died on Monday. They did a short-term fix (somehow turned my AC into heat), but it's not automatic like heat is (where it clicks on and off to keep you at whatever temperature you set it at). I have to turn it on and off. That's an issue when I go to work and sleep. It's going to take two to three weeks to fix! But luckily they found a used part they can repair it with for now... So I guess that's good.

- I haven't lost my hair yet. In the 3-6 months post-surgery, you can lose all/most/some of your hair. I'm soooooo worried about it. We're three weeks into that 3-6 month period, and so far so good.

- I haven't written about weight loss in general, because whenever I think about all this, I just get depressed. Life works best when I don't think about all the food I'll never, ever, ever eat again this new diet. I'm down 80 pounds now, 60 post-surgery. On one hand, that's a lot for 3.5 months on the other... it's so so so far from goal. But 3.5 months, so... I'm just trying to be chill and go with it. And not think about how I'll never taste frosting, cake, a cookie, or anything good ever again.

- And to end on a food- and work-positive note, one more good thing about the new building: We have a nice cafe in walking distance (in our other building, so maybe a couple minute walk), and I had a nice egg white sandwich on Monday. I think I'm going to get something again tomorrow morning. Starting the morning off with hot eggs is so nice. (Usual breakfast is a cheese stick, like you'd give a kid for a snack.)
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