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Bad, bad book review coming soon!

I finally found a copy of a doozy of a book. Nazi gay porn from 1967.

Front cover:

Back cover:

I'm hoping this will be bad of the amusingly-bad variety. I'm going to try to read it tomorrow or over the weekend.

I really should officially review that porn book from the 1970s that I have around here somewhere. There's no mention of it or the author anywhere online, so it would be nice to have some record of it out there. It was amusingly bad as well. (Edit: Oops, apparently it was copyrighted in 1981, so just barely not the 70s. Unlike when I last posted about it in 2010 (NWS) it now has an entry in Google that isn't my LJ! Amazon has it for sale for $20. That's nice, I'm glad it exists somewhere else besides my LJ now.)

Edit 2: I read the first chapter of Go Down, Aaron before bed. I kept notes as I read along.

Writing reminds me of Jack London:
Pale dun stags stand aloof, half hidden in the dappled shadows, as ineffectual man endeavors to achieve supremacy over the enduring forest.

Man, frail man, has worked, inch by inch into its depth, and then fled. Wild laughter that seemed to pulse from the forest's heart, followed, nipping at their heels.

Spectral streams course grayly through the deep glades, the arteries of life to the jade leviathan.

Porn should not have deaths on the second page. "Papa, his body twisted grotesquely, lay at their feet on the floor. A pool of blood was cushioning his head."

Nor should porn have knife cuts to groins. Page three: "The knife in Aaron's hand sliced into the officer's groin, grinding and ripping his flesh." (Knives grind flesh?)

This is very bad porn. The Nazis burned down Aaron's family's house, mother and sibling inside it. "Aaron reached down for a knife that he thought he would be able to use. He pushed aside a charred bone, bits of seared meat still clung to it."

Not very believeable in general. Takes place in Germany(?) in the middle of winter. The kid sleeps on "the floor of a cave" for days without getting up or leaving the cave, has no food, never starves or freezes.

Two pages of religious/political stuff, zzzz.

A quarter of the way through the book, a Nazi just randomly finds Aaron sleeping in the woods, which leads to the first sex (rape) scene. The writing is no better: "The man's throbbing hard cock sought, found, and entered, piercing Aaron's tender virginal flesh. A hot searing, a knifelike pain, shot through the boy as the man pressed his hips forward." Note: This is the most description we've gotten of Aaron thus far. "The boy". Since he was living with his family, I guessed he was maybe a kid, but adults could live at home, so who knows...

This continues to be very bad porn. "With a feral jerk and a gasp, he withdrew his softened flesh."

I'm... just not sure about this book's version of reality. Rapist Nazi had a half-dozen rapist friends and they all had a contest as to who could rape Aaron the most. Somehow Aaron escaped (the book makes no mention of how -- he passed out, and when he woke up he had escaped). But that's not the questionable reality part: He's with a woman taking care of him, and she's feeding him coffee while telling him "Now sleep."...

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