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And a year later... finished unpacking! (And FF7)

More than a year after I moved into this apartment, I finally got the last of the unpacking done. That's something, huh? Usually I have a rule that if I don't unpack it/need it in six months that I throw it out, but this was stuff that I didn't want to throw (even though I'll probably never need it...).

Funny, but in one of the bags I unpacked I found a demo disk for FF7. It was not at all what I expected. Darned nice video in it. Not FFX level, of course, but I was thinking it'd just be silly sprites or something. Makes me want to play it, but...

...I need a new darned computer! This one is slow, and has never, ever had any sound. I can't get the casing off (special screws and hard to get to them) so I don't know if it's lacking a soundcard or just some driver or something. So I want a new one. What's stopping me? Just that I somehow need to get all the stuff off this harddrive and onto a the one. Wonder if a computer store would do that...
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