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2015 book: Kiteman of Karanga

Kiteman of Karanga by Alfred Reynolds
Rating: Disliked (Loved-Liked-OK-Disliked-Hated)

There are a number of things a story needs for it to be worth reading: Believable characters, realistic dialogue, and a believable setting. This book had none of those. Also, though it came from a major publisher, it had a number of grammar errors (repeated lack of apostrophe when referring to possessive).

The dialogue was the biggest issue, and kept knocking me out of the story. I just could not believe that any person would give information out to that extent and phrase it like the characters did. But that I didn't believe even basic worldbuilding facts about the setting didn't help, and most of the characters were just cardboard cutouts...

But the biggest issue? On this fantasy world where dinosaurs terrys roamed, the main character's name was Karl.

Everyone in the story had wacky fantasy-ish names, except Carl Karl.

I know it's not the author's fault, the book was published in 1985 -- long before The Walking Dead, but all I could think about was that character and all the countless memes around.

I pushed myself to stick with Kiteman, and got to the 28% point, but that's well short of 50%, so this doesn't count towards my 2015 book goal.
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