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2015 book: Go Down, Aaron

Go Down, Aaron by Chris Davidson
Rating: Hated (Loved-Liked-OK-Disliked-Hated)

Cover image - linked for NWSness.

While this book was only 50 pages long, I couldn't get even a quarter through it. I had been hoping it would be amusingly bad, but instead it was just bad-bad with a heaping helping of distasteful. (I know, who would have thought that Nazi porn would be distasteful?)

The story was bad, the porn was bad, this book had no redeeming features other than the semi-amusing cover.

How bad was the story? Aaron was captured and raped by a dozen or so Nazis and then sent off to a concentration camp, but escaped, then was recaptured. Major story events, right? From the end of the rape to the recapture, the author took one single sentence to explain the whole sent off to camp/escaped events! One sentence!

Upon entering a bathroom to shower: "He was suddenly aware of his own fragile pubic hair." Buh?

New Nazi rapist, after Aaron was recaptured. Describing Aaron: "And such heavy balls, too. Huge! Believe me, I know. I've had plenty of experience with men before."

I don't think I've ever been so relieved to give up on a book. Even WEREBEES, TAKEN BY THE SWARM was better! And that were-warthog book! (It'll never stop amusing me that the WEREBEES title is supposed to be in all-caps.)
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