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So sick of being cold / Aaron offer

Monday last week, my heat died. Took them two days to get a temporary fix working (somehow they rigged the AC to blow heat instead, so I could only have heat in the daytime, I had to turn it off at night since it didn't click on and off on its own -- I had to turn it on and off by hand). They said it would take 2-3 WEEKS to order a new unit, but until then they'd put a used compressor in.

That was Friday. Today, Monday, the damned thing is dead again. And it's after hours, so I'm going to have to go all night without heat. Again.

I'm so damned sick of being cold. I pay a lot of money to live in this apartment, heat is a basic thing that should work.


Since someone else asked, I uploaded that Go Down, Aaron book to my webspace. Though I don't recommend it, feel free to read it if you like. (Reminder: It's NWS/porn.)
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