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Would you like to give a Caesarean section to a Disney princess? (And random life/diet stuff.)

Would you like to give a Caesarean section to a Disney princess? There's an app for that!

Princess Anna, from Frozen, is the main character in a game that lets you remove her baby by C-section.

While work safe, the whole idea behind that game is kind of disturbing. You can see step-by-step pictures of it all at the above link.


3-6 months after major surgery (or childbirth, ha), you can lose anywhere from some to all of your hair. As yesterday was the four month point for me, I was hoping I was going to make it through without losing any. Then suddenly I started shedding all over the place. Boo! I hope it just thins, that I don't get noticeable bald spots. Worse comes to worse, I guess I'll just shave my head. :/ Hopefully I won't get to that point though.

Four months is the point where I can try eating raw vegetables and beef. I had some lettuce today, and it was surprisingly good. I don't think I've ever actually enjoyed lettuce before!

I haven't tried beef yet. Oddly I don't miss it at all. I'll probably try it sooner rather than later though.

Going out to work group lunches is something of a pain now. I paid $25 today for a couple bites of food. My meal was only $10 (cheapest on the menu), but most meals were $20 and everyone wanted to get an appetizer platter as well... which cost twice as much as my meal. Then when the bill came, we split it four ways. (At least in my work group, we always just split the check that way... which is fine for them, but I make a small fraction of what they all make, so if I order less I'd like to pay less.) So I had about a teaspoon of hummus from the $20 appetizer platter. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it, but I neither needed it nor wanted it. I got three meals out of my lunch so far, and enough meat left for another meal tomorrow, so at least that's something. It's just paying $25 for it is crazy...
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