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100 years of beauty in 60 seconds / surprisingly good customer support

In 60 seconds, this video shows you what was considered 'beautiful' for each decade. An interesting watch!

In other news, I use reddit a lot. Mostly the FFXIV subreddit, but a few other small subreddits as well. It's a free site, but you can help support it by buying "gold" (paid account time) to give out to posts you like. I never really felt the need before, but I came across an especially amusing FFXIV one this morning, so I shelled out $4 x 3 so I'd have three months of paid membership to use or give out.

Unfortunately the site wasn't very clear, so I ended up buying one three month of paid membership instead of three one month ones. (You give out one month of paid membership when you like something, not multiple months.) So I hunted down a help email address for them and sent off an email.

The site is free, there's no membership charge ever (other than this optional gold), so I figured the customer support would be crap. I didn't expect to get a reply at all, and if I did I figured it would take weeks and they'd likely tell me they couldn't help.

I got a reply within an hour, fixing the issue.

I boggled. I don't get that good of support from companies I do real, paid business with!

Good work, reddit.
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