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TV: The Great British Bake Off and Farscape

It's no secret that I enjoy reality TV. Maybe a whole lot less than I used to, but I still watch the cooking shows and a couple others. So, when our US PBS station started showing The Great British Bake Off, I checked it out. I fell in love from the first episode.

Like so much of British TV, I love that they have just "normal" looking people on it. Wrinkles, a pimple, non-perfect hair... you don't find those things in American "reality" TV! And the judges are so good -- honest yet positive and encouraging. The contestants are just normal, everyday people, and that's so nice to see. I really wish our reality TV were more like that -- I'd watch a lot more of it if it were.

I started watching Farscape by accident. I was poking through Netflix looking for something to watch, and I remembered there was an old scifi show I meant to check out. I couldn't remember the name, so when I saw Farscape I thought that was it. (Later I realized I had been actually looking for Blake's 7.) It took only one episode to hook me... well for the writing to hook me. The issue was the characters. Or rather, the puppet characters. It took me almost the whole first season to stop seeing them as puppets or as actors with foam crap stuck to their faces.

Side note: People who complain about shows like Star Trek making their aliens basically human with some added little feature? Like Bajorans are human with a "crinkle-cut french fry stuck to their nose"? You all can suck it. I'd rather have the less distracting "basically human" alien than some obviously foam, clearly fake creature.

I do cut Farscape a lot of slack though, as it's 15 years old now. (I wonder if people watching at the time bought the aliens as realistic?) As much as the puppets don't work for me, the writing is AMAZING. For a show full of foam puppets, it's so dark! The characters keep killing people (and torturing them!) which seems so out of place.

Please no spoilers: I'm nearing the end of the first season of Farscape and probably mid-season in Great British Bake Off.
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