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Now I really CAN go twice as high!

After long, long, LONG last, my Reading Rainbow kickstarter rewards FINALLY arrived. How "lucky" am I that my package was one of the last ones to be mailed out? From their status email, about my rewards: "[they are] at the very tail end of shipping!" (italics theirs). I felt more like they were teasing me than informing me in a happy way.

As one of my rewards was a 2015 calendar, getting it mid-February was something of an issue. It had originally been promised to be here before Christmas.

Oh well. This probably sounds grumpier than I am about it. I'm totally in love with the mug (I brought it in to work so I can show it off here), and the calendar is really spiffy (has tons of authors' birthdays and book-related holidays in it). Plus I have a car decal, magnet, and some bookmarks. (Not sure what I'll do with the decal, I've never put a non-official sticker on my car before.)

Oh huh, my calendar tells me that Levar Burton's birthday is on President's Day. Learn something new every day!

Butterfly in the sky
I can go twice as high
Take a look
It's in a book
A Reading Rainbow~
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