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A collection of random things

1) Can I tell you how excited I am about the new Jurassic Park movie? It's been years since I last stepped foot in a movie theater, but I might have to go back for this. It's going to be such a hard challenge though, if I do. Popcorn is my #1 favorite food in the world, but it's also a food I can never eat again. I can resist it in day-to-day situations, but going to a popcorn-scented movie theater? Don't know if I can... but still, Jurassic Park movies MUST be seen on the big screen. :/

Anyway, they hired on a new star, and made a promo for the park featuring his character:

2) This song came up in RP today, and I died when I googled and found it was a real song. ("Real" song? A song that was sung by a character in a TV show.) NWS lyrics.

3) This tree is quite amazing! Linked for size. It's like some kind of modern artwork thing. I see a dancer with more trees growing out of her.

4) #3 lead me to the most amusing discovery. I visit reddit a lot (a social/information/interesting links kind of place). Different groups or subjects have subreddits. Apparently 'tree' is slang for pot, so the /trees subreddit is actually about smoking pot. Since that was taken, someone made /r/marijuanaenthusiasts for people who like trees! Ha!

5) Seraphina (by Rachel Hartman) is the BEST BOOK EVER. I have about 8% left to go, then can review it. And I'm SO HAPPY SO SO HAPPY I was offered the next book for review! I have it waiting for me right now! It's not for sale yet, which usually doesn't matter to me, but this time it works out so eeee! It's put out by a major publishing house (Random), so hopefully this will get me lots of good offers in the future.

6) I had previously accepted a different book for review, and usually read them in the order accepted, but I'm making an exception in this case. I suspect this other one (Chaos Station by Kelly Jensen and Jenn Burke) is actually Captain America fanfic with the serial numbers filed off. (It's about a "retired, broken super soldier" and his lover (officer in the military) who everyone had thought was dead...). I accepted it for review more to see if it was fanfic-ish than anything else, so Shadow Scale (Seraphina #2) comes first.
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