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*fist shakes* Damn you, insurance company! | Shadow Scales/Seraphina

Well poo. For the first time in my entire life, I had a doctor I really liked. I've been seeing her for eight or nine years now. She's the most positive, wonderful person I know. She hugged me for losing weight (after asking if it would be okay), and forever after I wanted to lose more just because it made her so happy.

She was both a general practice/internal medicine doctor as well as a specialist. Thanks to the insurance company, she was forced to just take specialist patients. (I assume that she could have picked to stay with general instead of specialist, but I bet that would come with a cut in pay, so I don't blame her. The specialist medicine is probably more interesting, too.) So myself and her other general patients have to find a new doctor.

I really don't want to. Like I said, she was the only good doctor I've had in my entire life. What are the chances I'll get another one so friendly and positive?


In unrelated news, I'm (FINALLY) almost done with Shadow Scales/Seraphina 2 book. Anyone who is holding their breath for the book: Reread the first one instead. The first 50% of it was boring as hell (just about humans and a bit about the half-dragons, no dragons at all). The second 50% has the dragons, so it's somewhat more interesting, but overall the book feels like such a slog. I have about an hour and a half left of reading in it. I want to be done just so I can move onto some other book that might be better. Sad! The first book was so good.
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