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I own very, very few physical books anymore. Three shelves total. One shelf is a pile of hardcover/art-type books, one is for paperbacks I loved too much to ever get rid of (and not available in ebook format), and one shelf is of books I bought before owning my Kindle and haven't read yet but figured I might one day if my Kindle dies and I have to wait for a replacement.

Yet again I'm having sleep issues, so last night I put off going to bed and trying to sleep by standing at the book case and looking over the titles. I spotted what had been my favorite book ever, The Weigher*, and took it to the computer to see if maybe there was an ebook version around. Sadly no.

So, I could read the physical one, right? I enjoy my ereader so much more, but for a reread of a book I loved, I could make an exception just once?

So I tried it. Oh my god, the type was so tiny! I could barely focus on the page! (And it was just normal book font, not especially tiny font used in big books.) What a sad discovery, I couldn't even get through a page before my eyes were hurting and watering.

I can read on the Kindle just fine, so I don't think it's a matter of needing reading glasses... Maybe if I stick with it I could just get used to it again? Though I guess I've been reading on ereaders for five years now, so I guess that's a lot of time for my eyes to go downhill.

* That cover image is AWFUL and not at all representative of the book. It was a book about intelligent cats. They could stand on their hind legs for short times, but were basically four-legged creatures, not werewolf-looking things!

Edit: And you know what's strange? Neither authors are around online. No facebook pages, personal sites, nothing. I wonder what happened to them? Did they die? Do they still write? The last thing I can find that Eric Vinicoff wrote was published in 1992, and I can't find anything published later than 1984 for Marcia Martin. I wonder what they do now? It's so odd when Google doesn't have an answer for something. Everything Martin wrote was co-authored with Vinicoff. I wonder if they were a couple? I wish I knew!
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